API Design for C++. Martin Ry

API Design for C++

ISBN: 0123850037,9780123850034 | 446 pages | 12 Mb

API Design for C++ Martin Ry
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann

The goal when designing an API is to prevent the amoeba shaking effect - e.g. Prevent each new release to completely destabilize existing usages. An anonymous coward just provided a link to API compliance checker. [読書]API Design for C++ 02:59 API Design for C++を含むブックマーク API Design for C++のブックマークコメント. Other good resources for API design are Chapter 4 “Designs and Declarations” from “Effective C++” by Scott Meyers [3], and “Effective Java” by Joshua Bloch [4]. This requires standard unit testing as well, as something special - testing for binary compatibility There is a backward binary compatibility checker for shared libraries in C/C++. This page should be helpful for everyone who is interested in using C++ in scientific computation, especially on large projects. ISBN: 0123850037, 9780123850034. API Design for C++ Martin Ry ebook. The strictly virtuous thing to do would be to take the time to have a lot of discussions and design a brand new C++ API that would remain stable for the future. API Design for C++ by Martin Ry. Proper API Design requires testing and verification.

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